Wednesday, June 19, 2013

As I Was Saying. . .

Okay, I need to take my own advice.  My last post was about how I saved some family photos while on vacation.  All the while, I had several piles of my own family photos spread out on the floor of my craft room.  Confession time, they've been there since last August when we had a wildfire scare up here.  Here's the post I did following that scare.

Well, guess what happened last night?  The view from my patio at about 5:30 pm.

The wildfire started about 5:15 pm.  So the troops were called in and handled it very fast.  It was pretty much out by 8 pm. They used four tanker planes!  FOUR.

They're awesome to watch in action. Especially flying so low above my house!
 Can you see the orange fire retardant they release? 
There were also several helicopters dropping water and many ground crew.
I grabbed my scrapbooks. And threw together the piles of organized photos that were on the floor of the craft room since LAST AUGUST.  So much for organization. 
Thankfully, no such panic was needed.  I definitely need to work out a plan and scan, scan, scan!
Thank you Firefighters!


  1. I'm so glad they got that fire out so quickly. Good luck with your scanning. I need to do that too. It just seems like such an enormous task. I have so many of those to-do's on my list. :-/


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