Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Country Life

You might've heard a little about a wildfire last week out my way. It was in my neighborhood on the west side.  Thankfully, we're on the east side. The trick is, there is basically only one way out of the area.  The fire got very close to that access road.  Sadly, one family lost their home.  As you can tell by the photos that it's the dry season here.  It's very, very dry.  It was definitely too close for comfort.  

 I'm very thankful that the fire department worked so hard for days to keep it under control. It only burned 355 acres.  Not nearly as big as the Colorado, Oklahoma, or New Mexico fires this year.
 Today I had a visit from a little roadrunner.
Yesterday, I watched two Egrets check out my neighbor's yard.
And the moon was beautiful over the Valley.  
My Country Life.


  1. Scary, indeed! So glad they got it out and kept it from getting other homes. Whew!

    I love the photo of the egret walking on the sidewalk. Great night photo too!

  2. How is your new landscaping faring in this heat and drought, Karen? We watched this fire on national news and followed your reports on Facebook. So glad your neighborhood was spared. My friend Sally has a brother-in-law in the Murietta area.

    And thank you so much for the links for on the plane stitchery. I've had so much fun this afternoon looking at all the possibilities. I remembered the amusing dishtowels you made for your daughter--such fun to use or display, I'm sure.

  3. I would not change my Country Life! Love your visitors :)
    Happy Weekend. Ciao Rita


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