Monday, June 17, 2013

Saving Family Photos

Before visiting my in-laws in Missouri recently, I actually had a intelligent thought.  I remembered that we had a little scanner we could take with us.  It scans photos up to 4 x 6 inch in size. It works really well for those stacks of vintage photos that have piled up in hat or photo boxes in the closet.  It will scan photos with or without a computer. Since we didn't have our computer the photos were loaded onto a memory card that I later loaded onto my computer and even saved onto a disc. You can buy one here on Amazon. 

Here are a few of the fun pictures I found.

 My girls at 3 and probably 4 months.
 I made the little sailor dress AND the monogram pillow (for my MIL).
Okay, so that is me blowing bubbles with DD1.
 This is my HH as an adorable little boy with his dog.
My MIL in her cute little flower dress. 
I don't know if this was for a special occasion or not.
This is also my MIL at 14 for a piano recital. Sweet pictures, aren't they? I scanned 186 photos and there were many that I didn't scan. I took notes of who was on each photo. I'm just not sure how to keep the notes with the photos. Probably the only way is to print them off and place them into a scrapbook. I will probably edit these on Photoshop to improve quality to some degree.  Hope this idea helps somebody save some precious memories!


  1. Great idea! The scanner. I have just opened many cans of worms so to speak. Fhotos that go back ten years and haven't been put into albums. They have followed me in plastic boxes move after move and into a new marriage. Yesterday I took them all out and they are in piles. Do I go buy photos albums for them? If I could scan them then I could put them in a Blurb book, something I've been doing the past five years with my blog. I dread looking at these stacks more than you know. xo Jenny

  2. This is a great idea. I did this when my mother passed away & I inherited her many boxes of photos. Thankfully, for the most part they were all labelled. Every time I visited her we would go through boxes & I'd write names & dates on the back as she remembered them. We had photos from as far back as the 1860's & earlier.

    When I scanned mine, I put them into folders by family - in other words each great aunt/uncle's family & their descendants had a folder - the descending families had folders inside their family folder. In order to label them I was able to do that on my computer. When you open each photo - the text is written below of who & where it was taken. My scanner allowed me to do that - maybe some don't?

    I was so glad to be able to get them organised at least a little.

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  4. What a great idea! We still need to figure out what to do with all of the actual photos. I have all the albums my Mom made when I was little PLUS all of the pictures I have taken as I have grown up.
    Why couldn't they have discovered
    digital a LONG time ago!!


  5. It's fun seeing your old photos. :-)

    Great job starting on scanning your old photos. I have so many that I need to scan but it's such a big job that I keep putting it off. Ugh!

  6. Oh, I love that idea of using a scanner that is unplugged! I have SO MANY to do myself...sigh! I love looking at old photos -- thank you for showing yours!


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