Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Traveling man. . .

I could use this title to talk about HH who is always somewhere else.  I should rename him TM instead of Hunky Husband. Instead, I thought I'd tell you about the benefits of social media. How does that fit with the traveling man song, you ask? Rightly so. 

About a month or so ago a friend of mine went on a sudden trip to Paris. So sad. Her husband had business and they took some extra days to visit Paris together before he had to work. While she was there I noticed that she was posting lovely pictures on Facebook. I think she went to Easter services in some amazing cathedral.  I'm sure that Easter won't blend into all the others! 

It made me remember when we went to Paris, several years ago now, maybe 6 or so. One thing that I had regretted getting was my own Eiffel Tower that they sell all over to tourists. I had purchased one for my DD1, because she was taking French and loved it. 

So, lovely Facebook has its advantages. I messaged my friend and put in my request. Wasn't she just the dearest for bringing me back this lovely one? We agreed on a size and cost and I just love it. My living room has evolved to have a sort of travel theme. I wasn't really planning that. I just have my London bus sign,  some globes and paintings of our travels that ended up here. 

We're flying off tomorrow to Tornado land to visit our parents and kids. I'll be doing an occasional post with this Blogger app that I'm finding very handy. 
Thanks for visiting and I'll see you next time from the Midwest. 


  1. How lovely to have a travelling corner and I am going to check out that Blogger app as soon as I can get my ipad online.

  2. That's a nice Eiffel Tower. I like your table arrangement too. Enjoy your trip!

  3. Be safe! The Torcon index is pretty high up there for today and tomorrow :(

  4. Good Evening Karen, How lovely that you were able to contact your friend to bring you back an Eiffel Tower of your very own.
    I use Skype a lot as my eldest daughter lives in India, it makes us feel so much closer. I love writing letters, but they never arrive, or take so long that the news is way out of date. So it is facebook and skype which are the most popular for us.
    Have a lovely weekend away,
    Best wishes

  5. Yes, social media does have it's
    advantages. Love your travel spot.

    Are coming to Overland Park?
    Be safe.



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