Monday, June 3, 2013

McGyver is a Verb

We have travelled to our home towns to visit family and go to HH's high school reunion. He lived in a small town and graduated with a class of 112 students. I went along and it was interesting to hear the stories and listen to everyone catch up. 
One female classmate couldn't get over how good my HH looked these days and mentioned it a time or two. Once in front of the entire group! I found that quite entertaining. 

My HH was able to catch up with his former band teacher, who he really respected. That was an extra bonus. 
Another unexpected attendee was a former journalism teacher. She and her sister were part of the path that helped HH and I to meet some 34 years ago.  We haven't seen her in maybe 24 years. What fun!
There was also an old car show and BBQ cook-off the same day. We are from Kansas, so BBQ is a given. I think there were approximately 30 different companies and flavors to taste. It's amazing how different they can be. The town was packed and other than being cold and windy, it was a great event. We even accidentally ran into an old friend that we had lost contact with. He was just there for the car show. So what another wonderful surprise that was!
I didn't bring a jacket and had shorts and a short sleeve top on. The only place to shop is Wal-Mart in town. There were absolute ZERO sweaters or sweatshirts to be found. So, I had a little McGyver moment (as my DD2 called it). I went to their fabric department and bought two yards of a gray t-shirt knit fabric. I wrapped it around like a shawl. It worked like a charm. Just in case you ever need a quick shawl, I suggest 2.5 or three yards. That was all one eventful day. Have you had a McGyver moment you can share?


  1. Looks like a great trip!
    Great idea about the fabric. Lucky
    for you that Wal-Mart had a fabric


  2. I think that you should call it a Baruther. Embrace your woman power. Julie

  3. Aren't you just so creative! You'd be like Scarlett creating a ball gown out of old drapes. You look so stylish in your gray T Shirt fabric wrap. T


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