Friday, May 24, 2013

Antiquing Field Trip

Well, you know how it is. My friends and I like to go antiquing and especially to the monthly sale at Matilda's Mouse antiques. The May event was "Through The Garden Gates," appropriately named for the time of year.  Here's a taste of the goodies.

This beautiful display was disassembled right after I took this photo. Someone bought the HUGE counter it was sitting on and the absolutely stunning door. You can't tell by this photo, but that door was a One-of-a-Kind. I've never seen anything like it. Glass between spindles which had remnants of kelly green paint. I wish I'd taken a close up. If I was selling these antiques, I'd have such a hard time taking apart the displays. Although, a sale is always a good thing, especially a BIG sale. This happened at the beginning of the three day event. I hope they had a Plan "B".

This beautiful "cage" was very hard to photograph. It also sold first thing which is too bad. I would've grabbed it.  What an impact it would've made a big impact in a room.  Just lovely.  

Nancy posed for me.  She really wants that basin, but has no where to put it. 
The pealing gate was also a beautiful color.
 I have never seen anything like this side board before.  Look at the detail on the drawers below!

 It's too bad this beautiful lace top was T I N Y! 

 Isn't this a fun Vegas chandelier from the 1960's? 

Can you believe that all I went home with were two blue Ball jars with lids intact?  


  1. beautiful items really enjoyed this post!

  2. Great pics of so many pretty things. Such a fun event...I've got to make it there again someday. I'm still kicking myself for not getting that book last time. Duh! lol Have a great weekend!

  3. Sometimes it just happens that way.
    At least you didn't leave empty handed
    that's when it gets frustrating.

    M :)

  4. Dunno why, but this kinda reminds of the history show with the antiques dudes! Still I gota confess that some of them things you have there are much better looking than what they find on regular day!

  5. Oh, so many things caught my eye but that door was outstanding...the trunks were beautiful too! That is definitely my kind of field trip.


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