Sunday, April 28, 2013

Snooping On The Neighbors

This past weekend was my birthday. We went to dinner Saturday night at PF Changs to celebrate. We had so much fun talking and eating that I only took one picture. The husbands didn't even get in it. Also every April right around my birthday, our neighborhood has a huge Garden Walk. I'm just positive it's the same weekend for good reason. The money made benefits the educational programs at a local preserve. Every property here has a minimum of 5 acres, some have many, many more. I posted pictures last year as well. This first home was also on the tour last year. They've added more features. Including an amphitheater for watching movies and this "room" with a fireplace below. They have a hillside with several waterfalls going down, filled with lovely places to sit.

 Can you see the little bubbler coming out of the rock?
I loved the next house. They had built this little room, that is not screened.  It's called a music room and they had a cello case sitting with two chairs.  There are beautiful chimes hanging around the perimeter. It sits in an Agave garden.

 This house had 50 varieties of fruit trees.  Mostly citrus and it smelled A M A Z I N G!
 There was a nice long Bocce Ball court for entertainment.
They built a cactus rock garden, where the rocks are from the property.
 Lastly was the vegetable garden. 
Somehow I didn't photograph the Deer Grass Meadow or the Zen Garden.
This house had a beautiful pool and was nestled against many large boulders with trails in and around them.
 The hummingbirds were very busy.
The next location was an organic farm with a spring fed pond.

 You could feed their catfish.
The last location raises miniature horses. This little guy posed for just a second before he realized I didn't have a snack for him. What a wonderful day! 


  1. Looks like fun! My favorites are the "music room", the oodles of pink flowers, the garden and the pond. Sounds like you had a great birthday! :-)

  2. What ARE those pink flowers?
    At first glance I thought they were azaleas, but I don't think they are. Do you know?

    I'm constantly amazed at the wonderful places you have to explore - and a teensy bit envious!


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