Thursday, May 2, 2013


I've done some self diagnosing since yesterday. I've decided that I have ADHD. Combined with nearsightedness it's an awful combination. Hang with me here.

If you ask any of my local friends they would say that my house is always clean. It's pretty much always picked up except for those pesky awkward dishes that don't fit into the dishwasher. I set out yesterday to actually accomplish something. I'm not talking about anything earth shattering like deep, deep cleaning. I'm referring to dusting and vacuuming along with some clean toilets. Okay, ewww.

Well, I've come to the conclusion that I have Attention Deficit Housework Disorder. Let me tell you it took me FOREVER. I kept getting distracted. Geesh. I think I got my living room and powder room clean. Good grief. Then today I worked on the Master Bedroom.

I also can tell that there is an advantage to being nearsighted. Who knew there was so much dust on those white baseboards? Certainly not me. And who's big idea was it anyway to decide that white woodwork was back in style? I just try to ignore it, thank you very much.

Here's a little snapshot of a clean spot on my dresser. I told HH not to get used to it. Hope you've been more productive than me. Have a great weekend!


  1. You made me smile! I feel the same way about myself sometimes. I guess our priorities are bound to shift at some point in our lives. I used to frantically dust, polish and sanitize every other I'm happy with just a little straightening up every day and the other stuff when I notice (or someone else!). Go easy on yourself!


  2. I definitely have that disorder too. And, I agree...what's with the white baseboards?! Such a bad idea! Whenever I'm cleaning the floors and see how dusty they get, I try to think of better ways...a different way to transition the floor to the wall that wouldn't collect dust. Ugh!

  3. Hi! Popped over from Karen's blog.

    Love your self diagnosis. I konw I have it too. It's amazing how one can get so distracted while cleaning.

    M :)


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