Saturday, March 16, 2013

The Proof is In the Putting

Okay, so I KNOW that isn't the correct saying.  But if you'll hold on, it will make sense.  I promise.  
I'm all prepped and ready to go. Don't I look excited!
We hiked up the Moro Steps even though there were warning signs not to if they were snow and ice packed. Looks pretty easy at the beginning. 
 That changed the higher we climbed, Definitely snow and ice packed stairs. 
The hiking stakes were VERY IMPORTANT.
 Are we there yet?
This is actually on the way down. 
 Where did that trail go, by the way? We were close, just not exactly on the trail for awhile.
 How about some shelter under a tree?
It snowed on us the first day.  Well, maybe I should say hailed.  So, I just wanted to show you a little proof that I really did it.  See, proof is in the putting, one foot in front of the other.


  1. Where ever that is, it's surely beautiful!

  2. This is beautiful! What an adventure and you did it.


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