Saturday, March 9, 2013

The General

 We stopped at a little cafe for lunch before we went up the mountain.

This guy greeted us at the gate. Doesn't he look the part of a Park Ranger?
Our first stop was to visit General Sherman.  He's the largest Giant Sequoia in the park. 

It's just not possible to take a one picture of the entire tree.
In this photo you can barely see General Sherman in the far right background.
Can you see the tiny people below our friends?  This trees are massive!

HH is in his element.
This area is the most common for sightseers.  You can take a short walk on an asphalt trail and see several of the giant trees, The Senate, The House, McKinley, etc. 
 Next time I'll show you the real hiking pictures.  

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  1. Just popped over to see if there was anything new and realized I'd seen this post but didn't have time to comment. So...

    Hey...I think I've seen that ranger. All of those places are so familiar because our trip is still so fresh in my mind from last summer.


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