Monday, March 18, 2013

First Spring

A friend asked me recently to post pictures of how our front yard looks now. I thought I'd post pictures of it's first Spring. We've had to replace a few things because of our crazy, hot summer. Now there's some frost damage, which is very unusual here. Because of that some plants had to be severely cut back. Ah, the life of a gardener.  
 The Western Redbud trees that I thought hadn't survived the heat are in full bloom. Yay!

Ignore the little weeds, please.

 I was sure I'd killed this Aeonium last summer.  Look at it now!

The Margarita Bop Penstemon are doing well.  
These two colors are actually the same hybrid, interesting. 
The Sages and the Thrift are growing and showing off.
You can also see the reddish-purple in the Echeveria Afterglow and Eriogonum Red Buckwheat. Again, ignore the teeny weeds, please. The neighbors across the street knocked down their hill to get a larger flat yard. It makes their house visible to us. Hopefully they'll do a good job planting. 
 At the front walkway you can see blooming Santa Barbara Daisies, or Erigeron.
In this corner is a very happy Ceanothus. I'm not sure of the hybrid off the top of my head. We have many smaller, prostrate ones that are also blooming right now. It's difficult to get an understanding of how big this guy is. I should've taken a closer picture. Well, it's all very subtle, but it's drought tolerant, minimal work and we love it. Hope you enjoyed the tour! What's blooming in your Spring garden?

Check it out from the beginning.

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  1. Hi Karen, thanks for the tour! It looks so beautiful, your neighborhood looks georgous. Sure would love to come by and see it sometime when we are in CA. Thanks for posting


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