Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Through the Years

I think the posting theme for this week here on Elderberry Street is silhouettes. Years and years and YEARS ago when my girls were little I had a silhouette made of them at Disneyland. I never hung it up and lost track of it through the years and moves. In this last move I found it and put it aside where I could look at it. The picture below is most likely the day the silhouette was made. They were 2 and 5years old, I believe. I'm not sure why DD1's pant legs are soaked. Must have been a wet ride. I have always loved this picture.
After Christmas 2011, when my oldest daughter and her husband came for a visit, we went back to Disneyland, which we often do. This time we decided to get silhouettes made again.  I've framed the two pictures together and found a place for them on the family portrait wall. The artist signed and dated the most recent one. She may very well have been there in 1990. She's worked there 30+ years she said.

This photo above is how they fit into that same doorway now, well in 2009. 
These are my kids at Christmas when we had the newest silhouette made. It's never too late to bring old memories to life again.


  1. Mom, my pants weren't wet, they were acid washed. It was cool.

  2. What a grand idea, Karen. And your frame and matting is just perfect for silhouettes. Never too old to visit Mickey!


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