Monday, March 5, 2012

Promise Kept

I promised to show you one of my fun purchases at The Vintage Marketplace last Friday. 
There was a dealer selling 8 separate silhouettes for $40. I thought that was a great deal. Now I have a ready made collection. We've decided to call them The Relatives. This sweet group above may have been a set with Dad, Mom and little girl. The little girl's frame was falling apart. It is actually documented that the girl's name is Mary Lou Fulton - aged 2 yrs. Signed and dated, G. Luse - 1931. Isn't she sweet?
This grouping is George and Martha Washington with Ben Franklin.
Here's a fancy man in his top hat and cane. Maybe the top photo is the same man in a different pose. 
They needed a little clean up and repair work. I cut out a new piece of brown paper from a paper sack.
Glued the edges.
Allowed it to dry.
Sprayed the back with water. It will get all lumpy. That's okay.
It will dry tight as a drum! Mine may dry even more, I tried to speed the process with a blow dryer.  Now, I just need to find the perfect spot for The Relatives.


  1. it's nice to meet the relatives! good find!
    erin (birthday girl, yes, that's right...53 today)

  2. You have terrific taste! I found you as I was searching for silhouette images to use on my mantel for July 4th. Lovely project you completed!


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