Sunday, March 4, 2012

New Adventures

Okay, so back a few weeks ago when I was on jury duty (for 5 weeks) I stopped by Barnes and Noble on my lunch break. They give you long lunches, which is nice. While next to the art magazines, specifically the plethora of Stampington publications, I started chatting with a stranger who was looking at one as well. We had a nice little conversation, in which she told me about The Vintage Marketplace which was coming up this weekend.  

Fast forward to Friday, when I "dragged" two girlfriends with me to check it out. It did not disappoint. At all. We all found treasures to make the trip home. I got a fabulous deal and will share it this week. I often say that and really mean it, but I sometimes forget. So, make sure I follow through if you don't see it by Wednesday. I'm serious.  

Meanwhile, I thought I'd show you what you missed.  Because I'm nice like that.  

I'm going to do this, with buttons.

Notice the door knobs on this pretty red cabinet which was already SOLD about 15 minutes into the sale.

Clever yard art.

This is the interior of an adorable camper that I forgot to take a picture of from the outside. I was too distracted.  Notice how the owner decoupaged vintage cards onto the wall of the closet.  

I thought these flowers made out of cheesecloth and tissue were fabulous.

Can you believe that I didn't take one picture of what I bought, let alone the booths I bought them in? 
A girl's gotta shop you know. 


  1. oh! yes! i can not wait to see your treasures! so, i will try to remind you not to forget, but you might need to remind me, to remind you. he he
    your word verification is very difficult to decipher...3rd attempt here...

  2. looks like a great sale! that red cabinet is so cool - I would have snatched that up too...that postcard idea I might just have to implement myself!


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