Monday, July 11, 2011

Flora And Fauna

A month has already passed since I showed you my visit to Matilda's Mouse! Well, this is a once a month antique sale and last weekend was the July sale. The theme for this month was "Flora and Fauna". They work so hard to set the stage and you can tell in the creative displays. Unfortunately, I had to use my iPhone for a camera again. My Canon is in the hospital.  So, I apologize ahead of time for the poor photography. I hope you can catch a glimpse of how fabulous it was.

This birdhouse was amazing, but my photos turned out really blurry. I loved the F-A-U-N-A letters below it.

 I love the bee hive with the little butterfly and moss with it.
I've added some of my friend, Nancy's, pictures.  Thanks Nancy! She had a real camera. 

 Butterflies were everywhere.
 I think I need this entire wall of sprinkler heads. I love this.

 There were Pepperberry branches and butterflies draped all over the four poster bed in the entrance.  Again, my photos turned out awful.  I may post it anyway. Very bad photographer!  

I'm so sorry.  This was so beautiful.  The little doll bed on top was even appropriately styled.

This young lady's hat was a flutter with butterflies.
Maybe you need a net to catch your own?  Oh the creativity.  It was very inspirational. Don't worry, there are more photos.


  1. How fun! I had totally planned to go this time but forgot it was this weekend until Sunday night. Ooops! Maybe next time. :-)


  2. Oh wow! My favorite are those paper butterflies.I love those!


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