Saturday, July 9, 2011

A House with A View

Hello again.  It is finally a new billing month and I have my 5G restored.  I used it up way too fast last month and about two weeks into it realized that there was going to have to be some serious internet fasting going on.  It was such a bummer.  Well, here we are back with a full 5G available.  There has been a lot going on around our house this last week or two.  Carpentry and painting are in process and those photos won't come till the work is finished.  But, today should be the final day for tree clearing.  Here is what we started with.

Yes, it is very pretty and I'm not a fan of cutting down trees.  But these are Eucalyptus trees and are also a fire hazard which we needed to get rid of.  My husband's main priority was to gain full view capabilities.  He hasn't seen the results yet, but will be very pleased.  I will take better photos soon.  Not only did I not have internet, my good Canon died.  Two and a half weeks and a big chunk of change later and I will be able to take better pictures.  The following are from my iPhone.  
 We had help from some very hard working guys in very, very hot temperatures and steep slopes.

When the summer haze is gone, the mountains will be in full view. Can't wait!


  1. oh good....finally, the comment thing is working again....i have been trying to comment to no avail! anyway, i am so glad you are back online! looks like you are clearing up that gorgeous view...i think i can see the mountains already. i wish i could be there to see hubby's reaction when he sees it.
    happy sunday to you,

  2. Testing. Testing. I too couldn't comment for the past couple of weeks. Hope it now works. Can see why you'd want to clear for this view, Karen. Can't wait for a non-hazy day photo. What kind of camera did you decide on? I'm expecting a new one from Amazon tomorrow. Power to the photographers!


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