Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Love Bird Evolution

 The goal: handmade love birds for a bridal shower.  This is attempt two, way too small. Attempt one ended up in the trash can right away.
 This is attempt three, still too small.  But getting there.
 This is the final bride.  She's a Chunky Chickie.  But, she is going to have to do.
Love bird, bride and groom, he just needs to put on his tie. I think that fussing with details like this is a sickness.  Really, I do.  


  1. They are adorable and I share the same sickness too :)

  2. It's an adorable sickness. Cute chicks!

  3. These are just "Too Tweet!"

    By the way, as I've been cruising your blog I'm discovering that you are a master of the vignette. You gather things together so artfully!


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