Monday, June 20, 2011

Crown and Paint

The crown molding has begun to be installed.  
I love the difference it makes. 
This room is staying brown but, I'm thinking the ceiling may need to go a light gray blue.

The entire first floor will have it.
You can see that I'm trying to decide on a lighter paint color. These are both Sherwin Williams paint colors. The left one is Sedate Gray, the right one is Accessible Beige. Since everything in this house is brown or beige, I'm leaning to the gray. It has a hint of blue in it. In this recess there will be a white entertainment center, coming in July. It's going to have bead board on the back and that will be painted a contrast color. I may go with a gold color to echo the color of the kitchen. The current brown is just too dark for this room that only gets sunshine in the very early morning. The balcony roof causes it to always be dark. I'm trying to lighten it without painting it white. I think I'll go paint some more swatches. See ya.


  1. A light, gray, blue ceiling sounds pretty. I've thought of doing that too. I just hate painting. lol The crown moulding looks great!

  2. The crown moulding looks just awesome and I'm sure it will look really nice in your living room as well.
    This is something I really might consider using when we will remodel our home next time.
    Hope you will post picture once you added it to your living room too.
    Best Regards
    Paula Jo

  3. Love what your doing! It is all turning out lovely, The crown moulding will be a beautiful addition.



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