Sunday, May 29, 2011

Return from Tornado Alley

I titled this post, "Return from Tornado Alley" because we have had quite the taste of Tornadic (that's what the weatherman calls it) weather this past week.  We had lots of tornado and severe thunderstorm warnings and sirens come our way, along with a trip or two to the basement, and lots of watching the weather. I've just returned home from a trip to watch my oldest daughter graduate from Kansas University.

 We are very proud of her hard work and perseverance.  The walk down the "hill" is the biggest deal.
 Her husband has been a BIG support.

 She threw her own graduation party and has turned out to be a great cook and hostesses. You can find her blog, more pictures and hopefully links to her recipes here at La Maison.
 I love my girls! See the beautiful bannister railing my SIL built!  He did a great job!

 We  made sandwiches, deli and veggie.
 This is a baked brie with raspberry.  It was SO GOOD.
She made a great Mac and Cheese and I loved the blue cheese with honey and pecans.
There were lots of guests, but I just had to document the visit of baby Sage from across the street.  I invited her Mom and Dad to come and visit Jeff and Lauren any time they want.  Doesn't Lauren look like a natural?  ;-)
For now, this is one of my Grand Dogs, Mr. B. Isn't he a sight? We are so thankful that the weather was fairly cooperative during last weekend for us. Sirens went off during the party and that storm ended up being the storm that hit Joplin, MO.  


  1. Oh does that food look delicious! ;) I'm glad you had a nice visit. Congrats to your daughter on her graduation!

  2. Congrats to your daughter! Glad to hear a great time was had by all and that no big storms hit where you were at.

  3. Congratulations to your daughter on her graduation from KU!!! That baked brie looks amazing. I'm heading over to her blog to see what recipes she has posted.

  4. Woah.. You can tell I like food.. Someone got tubby! :P

    I'll post recipes soon!

  5. It looks and sounds like you had a great trip. I'm glad you made it home safely. :-)



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