Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Getting Settled

I know you probably think this is taking a L O N G time, and, truthfully, you're right.  Getting settled in this house is going to be a slow process.  Part of the reason is that it takes me awhile to make decisions.  Especially decisions that I have to live with, say, maybe like FOREVER.  Of course, not everything will be a forever decision.  But, carpentry work will.  Therefore, I'm taking my time.  It doesn't help that we just got back from the Midwest spending time with family.  Which, was so worth it, BTW.  Today, I drove into LA to spend the evening with my HH.  We are going to dinner tonight to celebrate our 31st Anniversary!  Yes, indeed.  So, decorating decision will wait.

Of course, I don't have the right pictures with me. So, I'm going to post about the little pieces of progress that I've made recently on the new abode.  
I bought this antique cabinet back in the mid-1990's at a beautiful antique shop outside Boston, MA.  I was on my way out the door when I turned back for one last look. There it was. Calling out to me. The story is that my husband bought it for me and I made payments to him, without interest.  I wanted it bad and I had a little part time job at the time. That was back when this kind of a purchase was difficult.  
 Every since then, we have purchased several homes and they all had to have a spot in the kitchen for "the cabinet."  
 This house doesn't have that spot. It's so sad. However, there is a spot in the Family Room which is right next to the kitchen.  It may not end up holding all the dishes I've collected, but you never know.  
It's my house and I can do what I want, right?  
For now, it's in gardening mode. It's not perfect, but it's good enough for now. Part of my collection of flower frogs and hose nozzles are displayed here. I just found the spigot handles that I should add and the two lawn sprinklers are still MIA.   
This makes the place feel a little more like home. Does anybody else collect gardening items?


  1. hi karen,
    first of all i am soo glad the tornadoes passed you by.....the destruction in MO is horrific. congrats on your beautiful daughters graduation and why yes, she does look like a natural mommy (i am so ready for a little grandbaby, aren't you!!)

    so, of course, you must know that i have collections of gardening items too..ha ha. i love your shelf and how you have displayed them. i have to live in a house for a couple of years before i know how to decorate them and it takes a while for it to feel like MY home....we have lived in this house for ten years now and i am still slowly making changes. i am dieing to make some changes in my kitchen soon....new appliances and maybe taking a wall down........we'll see.

    anyway, take your time, i say.
    erin (beach brain)

  2. What a neat story about that cabinet! It looks great with your gardening stuff.

  3. I don't collect gardening items, but I collect a lot of other things! Your story about your antique cupboard is similar to mine. In 1969 I saw a cupboard I fell in love with at an antique show in the nearby mall. I mentioned it to my husband, but knew we could never afford the asking price of $150. A few days later I heard a ruckus back by our detached garage of our little cape cod style house, so I looked out the window and there were 2 men unloading the desired cabinet! Our anniversary and both birthdays are within days of each other and were coming up soon, and my sweet, sweet husband somehow managed to purchase the cabinet as "our" gift. We have moved several times, and it has found a special place in each home. Ususally it's been in the kitchen, but a couple of times, like you, it's ended up in a dining or family room. Isn't it nice to have special pieces that bring back special memories! :-)

    google won't let me post this comment, so have changed to "Anonymous"........Judi A.


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