Saturday, April 30, 2011

Drought Tolerant Garden

My friend Nancy knows that I'm hoping to put in a beautiful, drought tolerant landscape at the new house. She has a neighbor and also a close friend that have used a local landscaper to plan their yards.  Today she took me to her friend Cindy's. I thought you might enjoy a peek. My good camera battery totally died after about 4 pictures. So, these are taken with my iPhone. Sorry if the composition isn't fabulous, but you'll get the idea of how beautiful her yard is. Maybe Cindy will invite me back when the plants are a little more mature and my good camera is working.  
 This is detail of the beautiful gate they had made for their courtyard.  It is absolutely incredible.
It's covered with three dimensional flowers.  
In the courtyard you can see Cindy's own artistic eye for composition.  
Look at these beautiful planters!  I had serious planter envy.

This is a Palo Verde tree (I think), it has green bark. In front of it is a little stone bench to add to the seating in the small yard. I didn't even get a photo of their patio area or Cindy and her hospitable husband, George.
The side yard has a dry stream bed and fruit trees.
 I may have to copy this smart and simple hose stand.
 This garden is only about a month old.  I can't wait to see it fill in.
 The entire garden is on a drip system of irrigation.

 I love the detail of the blue fescue in the crevice!
 Sorry about the shadows, but this little spot has "sitting stones" for additional seating.  
What a great idea! The better to enjoy their spectacular view that I also didn't take a picture of. 
Nancy is getting ready to have her yard redone also.
Cindy also has some beautiful collectibles inside. 
I noticed her Majolica right away.  This is only a portion of it.  Thanks so much Cindy for letting me tag along.  Next time I promise to take much better pictures!

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