Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Tea, PSE and Me

I bought a new coffee mug at Starbucks the other day. Basically because it's so cute and designed by Cath Kidson. I've loved her designs for many years. I bought her books back when it was a sacrifice to do so and poured over them for hours. Well, I thought I'd use this cute mug to participate in the fun Texture Tuesday challenge by Kim Klassen.  Little did I know how much trouble I'd have doing that.  
Let's just say, Photoshop Elements and me are not very compatible at this point.
I'm headed to Barnes and Noble today for a how-to book. I'm sure it's something simple I was missing, but I spent WAY too long trying to figure it out. Such a waste of time. Hope you enjoy my lovely strawberry waffle breakfast anyway. Head over to Kim's to see what I was trying to accomplish.


  1. What a cute cup! I love it! Yummy looking breakfast too! :-) Have a terrific day! Enjoy the sunshine! :-D

  2. These are beautiful pictures, Karen!


  3. i know...it takes a while to figure out...but once you start you'll be hooked!! your photos are perfect for textures. i love that first picture with the steam rising...i tried for a very long time yesterday to get that effect. for some reason, i just couldn't get the steam...hmmm...

    your strawberry waffles look soooo yummy!


    p.s. i really am a california native. born in sacramento.

  4. Texture-smexture! Your breakfast looks wonderful, Karen. And I'm headed to Starbucks to look for a strawberry mug for spring--need one per season.

  5. That is a pretty little mug! Starbucks is carrying Cath Kidson these days? They are moving up in the world! Your strawberry waffle looks delicious... I wanted to reach through the screen and take a bite.

  6. Ah, that is a must have cup for the season! Very spring-y and pretty with the texture, very inviting. Lovely foods to start one's day.

  7. I learn a LOT about Photoshop from Youtube. There are even tutorials just for PS Elements.


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