Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Little by Little

We finally hung the Monster Mirror. There was only one perfect place for it. Interesting how everything in this house looks smaller than in the last house. I had this mirror custom made for that house.  It had to be big.  Now it looks kind of normal. It still does it's job and reflects a beautiful view. I've got to work on the "brown" mode this room is in!  
My DH and DD2 bought me some pretty pillows for the balcony for my birthday.  
I think they make a big difference!

Things are coming together little by little. I spent time in LA last week looking for another apartment. So, now in mid May we're moving again. Moving the expensive apartment to the more reasonable and closer apartment. That means more packing to come! Kinda tired of that. Hopefully our lives will settle down one of these days. At least settle down to a "new normal".  


  1. The mirror is lovely and looks perfect in your dining room! I hope the next move runs smooth!


  2. more moving?? eesh! love the mirror! how about stitch up a colorful runner for the din. table? uh oh......did we miss your birthday? hope it was happy!



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