Monday, November 29, 2010

Tree Finale

 You can see that I have my pretty glass ornaments,

 my blurry sports memorabilia,
and my homemade ornaments.
Including the mandatory COLORED lights (that I so painstakingly put on this year),
I ended up with 12 strands of lights!!!  Thank Goodness, Target is close by. 
My scratched hands will prove it.
TA DA!  The 2010 Family Christmas Tree.
Check that one off the list.


  1. That is really pretty Karen! I love all your glass ornaments and the topper is perfect!!

  2. So pretty. I like all the ornies and the garland is pretty cool.

  3. what a beautifully dressed tree - we pick ours tomorrow and i think a hesian "star" may be just the thing - thanks for sharing your inspirations :)

  4. What a gorgeous tree! Isn't it wonderful when the tree is done and we can sit back and enjoy it? 12 strands of lights sounds exhausting - you did a great job!

  5. Love the way you arranged this post, Karen. All those lovely closeups and then the big reveal. Is there a story behind the White House ornament? And I too have a popsicle reindeer! BTW, this tree just begged for all those multi-colored lights!

  6. it's all quite beautiful! thank you for sharing these pics with us!

  7. Your tree is beautiful! The burlap ribbon makes a nice statement! I love your colored lights as well!

  8. Ha! I just came by your blog and you are all set! I thought you were sewing instead of decorating. Now I do feel way behind.

  9. So pretty... we are off to get ours tomorrow...and up it will go too.

    Hugs for a great weekend. xoxo


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