Saturday, December 4, 2010

Our Woodland Christmas

 This adorable reindeer is from The Farmer's Wife.
 These ornaments are a combination of Joann's, Target, Pottery Barn and The Farmer's Wife.

I've been at the apartment this week. We needed the tiny place to have a little Christmas festivity. So, it now has a "Woodland" theme. Yeah, our Woodland Christmas in the city. That's okay. You've got to find a little nature where you can.  I'm not really there enough to keep plants alive, so this faux poinsettia will have to do. Thank you Pottery Barn.
 I've shown you these tags before.  I finished these up this week also.
 They're a little favor I've made up for our Women's Christmas Home Tour tonight.

Each lady goes home with a set of gift tags in these envelopes.
Our theme is "All Hearts Come Home for Christmas".  These stamps were PERFECT!  I had fun making these.  My council members each made several sets of their own design.  
I hope the ladies love them.

As you can see I've also been sewing.  I'm making Queen Victoria's costume for our Church's Christmas musical which is NEXT WEEKEND! Not that I'm rushed for time at all. Actually, I need to get it finished this weekend because I'll be traipsing back to the Woodland Apartment this week. I wonder what project I'll be taking along with me next time?  We'll see. . . 


  1. Oh how magical I love it all!!!

  2. Sweet tags and your tree is adorable.

  3. Lovely Christmas tree and tags! Haven't done the tree thing yet as we are under construction with some renovations! Guess I will have to have a Christmas tree screen saver this year. LOL


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