Monday, January 4, 2010

Rent It!

I went to see "It's Complicated" today. I basically went to see the house.  It's directed by Nancy Meyers who is known for the beautiful sets in her movies. I loved the kitchen in this movie. It's even the before kitchen. She's planning a new kitchen. I can see how it's probably not adequate for a professional baker. I'd take it.
The house and the garden are basically the only really good things about this movie. 
Fabulous garden. You'd need a crew to keep up with it, though. Perfect little rows of vegetables and herbs. Really huge, red tomatoes. I always wanted a garden like this, surrounded by a cute fence. Not nearly this huge, though. I can't even imagine how much food it produces.  Btw, she makes baking croissants look really easy.  It did look like a fun date, though.  I'd give the movie a C-.  


  1. Though I did belly laugh at a few of the scenes, my favorite thing was the house. I loved it and I came home and told my hubby that it was the perfect mix of rustic, charming, cottage and a splash of contemporary chic that I love. So funny to get on your blog and see you mention the house. I was actually distracted from the movie just enjoying the house, but that garden will never happen for me. Not doable for this girl.

  2. Oh I just loved it so much , so funny , the audience I saw it with surely agreed ,oh well , I had a great laugh , gonna buy it for sure.

  3. This is on my list -- hopefully, I can see it this weekend!

  4. We're just down the road from LaCygne. We're an hour due south of KC on 69 Highway. It IS a small world!


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