Thursday, January 7, 2010

Blogging Blahs

{country home}
Isn't this little puppy adorable. Looks like his little bed it up on top of a counter. Who does that? Well, I thought he had the perfect expression of how I'm feeling lately. The holiday crazies are over, but I'm still feeling a big overwhelmed. There's not even that much happening around here. Maybe that's the problem. Christmas is still not put away. Therefore, my house is trashed. I can't seem to get motivated into a new decorating direction. I feel very uninspired. DD2 goes back to school in 4 days. So, my focus is on her for right now. I think I'll be back in full blog swing next week. In the mean time, I'd love ideas on how you decorate after Christmas. 


  1. That little puppy dog and his bed are adorable!

    We're in full swing around here with cleaning, house projects, decorating, gardening, etc. I love it when the decorations go back into storage because the house looks bare afterwards, like a clean slate...ready for new inspiration. I've been framing some of my favorite scenery photos for a nice wall grouping. I've even gotten a new, counter high table and chairs for my craft studio. I'm so excited! That room is coming together nicely. My daughter and I have also been enjoying some leisurely days out in this wonderful warm weather, poking around antique shops, having lunch, etc. Fun!

    I hope your inspiration comes back soon. I know that I can feel a lost without mine.

  2. I feel so very much the same way. I'm trying to get inspired and get back into life and move forward in some way. I wonder if it's an artist/creative thing or a holiday afters thing.

    Im praying we both snap out of it.
    Blessings to you

  3. hi karen,
    i am so inspired right now i can't stop moving!
    for me...i had to get my "ducks in a row" so to speak...i put all the christmas away and redid mantel and shelf vignettes...which of course means making a big creative mess...and now today, i'm settling into a painting...and it feels GOOD! i know about that lack of motivation, i suffer from it and have to work through it! clean up christmas and start a cute craft project. the first time i visited your blog, you were showing that darling bag you made out of vintage items...make another!! or a bracelet...there you have your assignment...have fun!

    here's to creating!

  4. What a cute puppy! I know exactly what you mean about the post-holiday blahs. We're painting and sprucing up our laundry room (the unexpected result of a broken washer!) and that's getting me back in the swing of things.

    Have a great week!

  5. Mr. Puppy expresses exactly what many of us may be feeling after the holiday frenzy. I'm in a blogging slump right now also--enough of the out with the old/in with the new year navel gazing! Next week I'm going to sit in on a presentation by the author Dianne Aprile called "So You Know the Life of the Reader, Now Let's Talk about the Life of the Writer." I participated in a journaling workshop with her many years ago. Maybe she'll talk about blogging as part of the writerly life.


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