Thursday, December 31, 2009


We set out for San Diego on an unusually drizzily day. 

Dressed in our finest Nebraska paraphernalia. See how high we were? Actually we had great seats at the 50 yard line, just very, very high. 
One of the best moments was the skydiving of the Navy Leapfrogs into the stadium. That is typical of a big game in Qualcomm stadium. What was unusual was that the microphone went out on the soloist who was singing the national anthem. The entire stadium started singing and finished the song. It was very cool.  
The benefits of having several military bases close by.
The first touchdown of the night.
SHUT OUT!  Probably not so fun to watch on ESPN.  Way fun for the soaked Nebraska fans who traveled across the country to support their team.

We went prepared! GO BIG RED! You can rest assured that Hunky Husband will be watching the entire game again today. Love those DVR's. 


  1. Dad looks pretty dang happy. Not surprising.

  2. How fun!!! I love your pictures!

  3. wasn't it a fun game!? I guess it wasn't as fun if you were an AZ fan...

    I'm glad I didn't have a dog in that fight - because when we left at halftime to go to our hotel, I was excited to watch it from the room in my PJ's!

    Have a sweet day~


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