Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Go Big Red!


Tomorrow is a big day. HUGE! My husband's all time favorite team in the whole wide world is playing nearby (San Diego) at the Holiday Bowl. So, we're going, in all our red regalia. Going with our binoculars.  It's a sold out game and there will be a sea of red.  Check it out to see if you can find us. I hope they win.  I'll take pictures.  


  1. I'm going to be at the game, too! Husband works for PacLife - so we'll be there entertaining clients. I'm a Pac-10 (USC) girl and my husband is a Big-10 (Buckeye) guy, so we'll see who wins!

    Best of luck to your Huskers!

  2. This sounds like a great holiday tradition. Have a great day! Pretty sure you don't have to worry about getting snowflakes on your red? :-)

  3. sounds like a BLAST!! i personally don't follow sports...but love to go and people watch!
    Happy New Year to you!


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