Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Husband Decorators

I haven't really felt any inspiration lately to redo my decorating.  So, some things are sitting around and I'm "thinking" about them.  Hunky Husband decided to help out.  

This is the little lamplighter from my Christmas village that somehow didn't get put away with the rest of the Christmas decorations.  

Some people  have  husbands that actually have good decorating taste. Others just have husbands who think they do. I have a husband who pretty much let's me do things I like as long as I ask his opinion.  Then there are times he just does his own thing.  
It is always good for a laugh, though. Does your husband "help" decorate?


  1. oooh, mine is like yours - doing something funny to see if I'll notice!

  2. My husband has become one of the most opinionated decorators in the last few years. I even 'let' him redecorate the bathroom at the lakehouse and I still haven't decided if I love or hate it. Maybe it will grow on me! lol!!


  3. that is so funny! my hubby is not allowed to decorate. just kiddin...he doesn't care to.
    love those pheasant!

  4. I see your hubby has a great sense of humor.:-)

  5. Nope my guy contributes by saying,"oh, that looks nice", but rarely has interest in making decorating decisions. I like that.
    When he does contribute, we do a project together. Miss those days since we've been in the Apartment. I think he'll be more involved in the next house.
    We'll see


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