Wednesday, January 20, 2010

UFO Finally Done

Who says a very old project can't finally get finished? I amass a lot of "projects". Some people focus on one kind of art or craft. I have an attraction to lots of different things. I am a master of none of them. The yarn for these socks was bought probably before 2002, I'm guessing. I made one sock and it was WAY too tight. I frogged it (rip, rip, rip) and put it away. I pulled it out again last Fall, I think, and started again. Finally finished last night. They look a little different. That's the beauty of handmade socks, I guess. It's a fun pattern called Crusoe from Knitty.  I would recommend it.  


  1. CUTE!!!!!! they turned out great. i love them against that cute blue and white fabric! and the rolled top is adoreable!
    i wish i could knit!

  2. I love 'em! Congratulations! And, just in time to keep your tootsies warm during this colder weather. :-)


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