Sunday, January 17, 2010


I was excited to get two of these beautiful Penguin Classics for Christmas. I bought the third with a gift card. Who doesn't love a romance where the poor, underdog heroine gets the fabulous, handsome, richest guy on the block. Well, maybe not in Jane Eyre, he was rich, though.
I've read them all before, but am starting over with Pride and Prejudice. It's going to take awhile. I usually only read at bed time. That doesn't last long. I'll have to again get used to the backwards way Jane Austen wrote, or is it the way the English form their sentences. Either way, it's a slow go.  
It's no surprise that you can get them at Anthropologie, our favorite source for all things unique and gorgeous. We have heavy duty rain today.  You can find me under the afghan with Jane. 


  1. Funny how we liked rt. Rochester even though he wasn't handsome and was a grouch/nut!

    I have Pride And Prejudice...I just haven't picked it up yet. I have the same problem reading in bed at night, it lulls me to sleep, so I have been trying to read in the morning.


  2. I re-read all the Jane Austen novels last winter. Instead of your lovely bound books mine were collected under one cover--I almost got Jane elbow before switching to soft cover versions. I am amazed that, for me, Austen's work reads like a modern page turner. My friend says she'd rather be waterboarded that read a Jane Austen work! Will you watch the new adaptation of Emma on Masterpiece Theater next week?


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