Sunday, November 15, 2009

Wreath Fun

I love finding ways to change things up all the time, but especially at Christmas. This just adds to my already heavy duty decorating responsibilities at Christmas. I do it to myself. I know. I bet you do too, so no laughing or pointing fingers. Here are two fun things I've found recently. I thought I'd help you out.

Lindsay gives instructions to make this fabulous wreath here.
 I may have to try this.  SO CUTE! 
You can find this beautiful paper wreath at SimpleJoysPaperie.
It reminds me of the wreath my Mother made when I was little out of her keypunch cards.  I think we spray painted it gold.  Does anybody remember keypunch? 

I knew I bought these for a good reason. I had seen an idea somewhere. . . where oh where was it? Thanks to the blogosphere, the good idea showed up a couple of days ago again here.The original idea came from Ki Nassauer (big surprise) last year here. My only recall was that there was a good idea somewhere, but when the vendor offered them all to me for $1 last week at the Rose Bowl Flea Market, I nabbed them. Here is Ki's beautiful creation.


  1. Hi Karen,
    Thanks for the inspiration, very pretty.

  2. My mom use to make punch card wreaths too! I wonder if any of those old ones are still around. There are so many possibilities when it comes to wreath making. So fun!


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