Friday, November 13, 2009

Mistake Muffins

I'm sure somebody out there in blog land has made a baking mistake before.  Surely.
My HH is working at home today so I decided to make breakfast. I tried something new and made Coffee Cake Muffins from my trusty old Better Homes and Gardens Cookbook. I wasn't paying very close attention. Most of my staples are in coordinating Tupperware containers so they all look alike, except for the little label.  So, when I was to put in 2 tsps of baking powder I managed to put in two teaspoons of salt instead. YIKES! I wondered why the baking powder looked funny. Thing is, salt looks just like the sugar I had just added.  So, instead of throwing it all away, I scooped out the sugar without taking out the flour. Tricky, I know! I added additional sugar minus a smidge and didn't put any salt in at all. They actually turned out great. That NEVER happens after making a mistake. So, all was well at breakfast. What do you make for breakfast? 


  1. Karen~~

    I knew I would be laughing as soon as I saw the title of you post. it is SO ME!! I play it safe and use a mix for muffins and quick breads.

    BTW~ I love your header picture! Love those little birds... :-)


  2. All's well that ends well! What did I have for breakfast? ...toast with tart cherry preserves and coffee.

  3. You know as much as I love breakfast foods, I rarely make them! I love coffee cakes my self... :)

  4. don't you hate it when they look so good and taste so bad, wow, I have done the same thing. Love your blog and I will be back for more, come for a visit..I am a new follower

  5. Hi Karen aka, sorry for that mis print, don't know where my brain is lately!! so glad you came over for a visit! Rose Bowl was a blast, right?! I'm linking you on my site, hope to see you at the next barn sale!!
    My Best


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