Monday, November 16, 2009

Honey Do Hints

From 1996 to 1998 I lived in another town here in Southern California. Many homes had manger's on their front lawns at Christmas. All you need is a little hay and a flood light and the message is clear. I've never forgotten that wonderful idea. I hinted around once a year.  
Well, this year, I was on a mission. I'm on a Christmas House Walk and decided that this was the year for a manger. I've explained it to my husband and offered to build it myself. That's seriously desperate girls. I think he was more afraid of me touching a power saw than anything. Last Saturday I was gone till 4:30 in the afternoon. Hunky Husband planned on getting down all the Christmas bins. Well, lookie here. I didn't go out into the garage until Sunday afternoon and what did I find?  MY MANGER! He actually used materials he already had. Isn't he the best? I really hadn't been nagging him about it, really I didn't. REALLY!


  1. KEEP HIM!! the husband, I mean. You got a good one!

  2. Oh!! If he isn't the sweetest man!! Your house will look 'heavenly' with the manger in front. And you are on the house walk? !a imagine your home will be the loveliest!! Wish I could buy a ticket!!


  3. I'm pretty sure he was scared about you and power tools.. That thought scares even me


  4. Please post some pics for all of us who live too far away to tour your home in person. Pretty please with peppermint on top!!

  5. Hi Karen, I stopped by to thank you for your comments, but alas, I do not work for NH. It would be an honor to work for Mary Carol Garrity, and I admire her and her stores, but I work in a very similar store, but really different! I'll have to take some wider shots so you can see the differences...
    P.S. Great manger!


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