Saturday, July 11, 2009

Beautiful Succulents

A visit to Design Reclamation Company was very interesting.  They sell Italian and French Architectural pieces.  I loved these old doors.  They had several more.  I have an old door, but it doesn't look anything like these beauties.  The owner suggested I leave mine outside for awhile and it may begin to look more like this.  Good point.  

They also carry reclaimed tiles and authentic and reproduction sculptures.
On our little excursion we saw some beautiful succulents.  These fountains were planted in little patterns.   

I have actually planted my bird bath with succulents, but it doesn't look as wonderful as these. There might be a change in the works.  
There was a fabulous little succulent nursery called Chicweed.  The photos at the top of this post are from their website.  I didn't take NEARLY enough pictures of their plantings.  But, there are more on their website you should check out. 
This caught my eye first as we walked by.  Look at the variation and colors of these plants!
On their website you can see some of the beautiful gardens they have done for customers.  These girls are talented!


  1. Having transplanted myself to AZ, I have had to come to love succulents even more so. Thank goodness for all the varieties, but like yo, my pots don't look nearly as chic. I'm thinking a change for me too.

  2. wowww I thought those are considered Cactus species.. this is pretty!! I just used a collection of cactus on my front yard garden and maybe adding those will make things click!

  3. These are beautiful Karen.
    I never thought I would be such a succulent lover!
    Thank you for sharing.



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