Friday, July 10, 2009

Field Trip

I had a fun day today exploring Solana Beach, CA with my girlfriend.  Neither of us had ever been there before and it's only an hour away.  Cedros Avenue is the popular shopping district.  It has a lot of design stores along with antiques.  We spent a lot of time in the Antique Warehouse. NP particularly likes vintage coats.  I think she decided that this one just wasn't quite her look.  

I loved this vintage dress. It was only $48.  You'd have to make an underdress or be an exhibitionist to wear it.  It was also pretty small, my DD2 might be able to wear it.  She would definitely want the slip.  You can't tell, but the skirt is sheer also.  
This was a cute romper.  The last time I wore a romper was when I was a toddler or maybe the dreaded one piece red one for gym class.  Remember those?
Aprons are quite the thing these days.  I don't think anyone ever actually cooked in this one.  It was pretty fancy.
Do you need a little life in your wardrobe?  Are you wearing too much black?  This should do the trick. 
Aren't you happy that we don't wear swimsuits like this anymore?  I'm sure it was SO flattering. It would probably conceal my problem areas really well.     
This vintage hat was immaculate!  It's container was perfect and it even had a airline tag that said Western Airlines.  How long ago was that in business?  
I had to try it on.  My head is obviously too big.  It's pretty much too big for any hat.  That's my Dad's fault.  You can't even blame the hair!  It would've been cute, though. 
I have a lot more pictures for another day.  


  1. You look so "Jackie O" in that hat. How fun! I would love this field trip

  2. Well I see, I've met another head with the same affliction & I love vinatge hats.
    I love the coat your friend past up on. It reminds me of a Trina Turk look from 5 years back!!!
    She looked good in it too!!!
    Have a lovely weekend.

  3. Okay I emailed the coat to my friend & she wants to know what sz do you think it is & if you remember where it was so she can call. Any help would be apprecaited..shes nuts over it...

  4. Thanks Karen!!!!!!!! You made Stef's summer!!!


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