Sunday, July 12, 2009

They're Back!

I made fun of rompers two days ago when I posted this picture of a vintage romper at an antique store I visited.  I guess I didn't realize that they aren't so old fashioned anymore.  

What did I find in an e-mail from Anthropologie?  ROMPERS ARE BACK!  
The most important point being, that Rompers Aren't Back FOR ME!
You can find these cute, little numbers at  Just PLEASE only wear them if you are still a cute, little {and might I add YOUNG} number yourself.  Thank you very much!


  1. Oh..Rompers aren't back for me either. I'm not that crazy about them on children that much either past the age of one.So, I'm with you on this one. Daisy~

  2. Even if I was young and cute and little, I never liked having to take them all the way off to use the "Loo". So I'm with ya on the romper review.

  3. i really like that last one. but in order for it to look decent, you'd have to accesorize right...and i sure can't do that.


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