Thursday, May 14, 2009

Procrastinator's Party Confession

Okay, here are my excuses.  Just for background, I live in Southern California.  The day after I (stupidly) committed to this challenge, I left for OKC where I met up with 15 friends from my college graduating class.  We celebrated our 50th year birthdays and had a wonderful time catching up.  Most of these I hadn't seen since 1981!  Here's the proof.  See me?  There I am.  

Then I came home and worked for 3 days.  Then I flew to Chicago, Illinois where I attended the precious wedding of this beautiful young lady.  
See me?  There I am again.  
Then I came home and have been working feverishly on these treasures.  This Friday night (the 15th) is our Women's Ministries Event, "Taste and See".  We are having a Chocolate Tasting night along with two fabulous stories of how the Lord is with us through the difficult places in our lives.  We are using the verse, "Taste and See that the Lord is Good!"  Psalm 34:8 as our theme for the event.  Below are 75 covers for Chocolate Cookbooks that we're giving to everyone.  After about 15 hours of work, they're not finished yet!  But, almost.  
I'll be posting more of this event in the next few days.  I'll also post a link to the talented artist where I got the idea for the cakes.  Her's are much more beautiful than mine.  In the mean time, the chairs that I hope to paint are back in the garage.  The paint has been purchased and I'm planning on starting them next week!  


  1. That's funny that you have pictures to prove your alibi of being gone and unable to paint! But, hey, there is always next week.

    I love those covers for the Chocolate Cookbooks!


  2. Keep working but don't work to death, k? §:-))

    Just loving the wedding. Love weddings!

    Can't wait for more of your paintings, nxt w/end.


  3. You have been busy! I Love those Cakes!!! Sooo Cute!! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  4. LOL!! I don't know...good thing you've got pictures LOL! You have been one very busy lady! That reunion must have been sooo interesting! Those cakes are so cute!


  5. At least you have good excuses. And photos. The cakes are just too cute. Now after your little shin dig, get painting. lol.

  6. I agree with the others that good thing you have proof of your busyness as your alibi. You must have had a great time though. I scrolled down to see what you had INTENDED to do. The chairs should look great once you get around to it. Do you have one of those? I do. It says "Round tuit" on it. LOL! Thanks for coming by my place today. I will be back to see the finished chairs. Oh, I live in California too.

  7. oh well, you were busy with something great! you can always start next week :-)

  8. The chocolate cookbook covers are beautiful! I can relate to getting busy and not being able to finish projects. :)

  9. I am a chocoholic and was an avid scrapbooker at one point. I also love brown and pink. Your book covers are so delightful. And the verse you chose is even more delightful.

    Thank you for your supportive comment on my blog for my procrastinator project. I did it! I do feel accomplished like you said and I am very grateful.

  10. I think it is your twin in the photos and you just watched soap operas and ate bon bons. Actually the this would be funny on a cop show. I am glad you had fun. Life is far more important than pressure.


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