Friday, May 15, 2009

Floral Fridays

Whew, it's Friday again!  This is a crazy day for me and my family.  There's just a lot going on today.  DD2 finishes her finals today.  DH flies home from Chicago.  I hear tornadoes are headed their direction.  I am spending the day preparing for our Chocolate Event tonight.  So, I'm relieved that it is also Floral Friday.  Here I can just show you an absolutely gorgeous photo of a bouquet of flowers.  This picture is from the beautiful British blog of Jane Brocket. If you haven't visited her, you will enjoy it.  Her photos are beautiful and her content is witty. You'll probably learn something along the way.  Have a beautiful spring weekend!


  1. Love those floral fridays,. I'm going to buy flowers at the flower market today hurray!

    Also I have something for you on my blog. Hop on over and see


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