Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Guest Room

If you've read my recent posts you can see that I've been traveling.  In my travels I have had the privilege of staying with good friends.  Each of them were great hostesses and provided for my needs as a guest.  Because of that, I told DH that I thought maybe I should stay in our guest bedroom and use our guest bath in order to see how it works for others.  Of course, everyone has their own likes and dislikes, but I thought it might help to see how comfortable others are in my own home.  

{house beautiful}
Obviously, most importantly is a comfortable bed and privacy.  A light by the bed or a next to comfy chair to read in is lovely. I tend to read in bed before the lights go out.  Plenty of blankets are necessary for the various temperatures that we all go through at night.  I was even provided a little room heater for the bathroom on a chilly evening.  
A good place to put your suitcase and hang your clothes is helpful. Occasionally, we need access to an iron and ironing board.  Well, more than occasionally.  

{Twig Hutchinson}
Good lighting in the bathroom is important.  Let's face it, the eyes are failing and the face needs more work than ever.  As my Dad would say, "painting the barn" takes work.  One friend provided a little basket of mini bath products, which was helpful.  Occasionally, because I'm used to staying in hotels, I forget to take shampoo.  Good towels are always important. Definitely try to use these before your guests arrive.  One friend provides beautiful, soft towels, but no matter how much she's washed them, they leave fuzzies everywhere.  She was gracious enough to provide me with a non-fuzzy towel for when I put in my contacts.  Thanks, D!  So, enough of my rambling.  
I was wondering what you think is important to have in a guest room?

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  1. Love this post! We have wonderful friends that we stay with when we visit Ohio. although I appreciate so many of the things she has provided....many of them you mentioned, I appreciate the little basket on the dresser that holds little 100 calorie bags of snacks and I've thought of purchasing one of those carafes where the water glass is the lid. to hold ice water so we don't disturb anyone crabbing a drink in the middle of the night. I've seen them at pier one and they are so cute. Her guest bathroom is fully stocked with a row of little jars filled with those little dental floss sticks, trial sizes of hair products, lotions, and other things one might need or want to just try.

    Blessings and have fun tweeking that guest room. What a good idea to stay in that room to get their perspective.



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