Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Better Butter

Last weekend I had a big event at our local church for the women of the congregation. If you've been here over the years, you know that I often lead our Women's Ministries in our local churches. However, I only was in charge of this event this time. I've done a similar one before. We had several demonstrations along with other samples of ideas for the holidays. Some were for entertaining, gift giving and others were decor. I wanted to share this particular one with you today.  

I made three different compound butter recipes. These would be perfect as gifts or when you have company. Each lady got to taste them and took home the recipes. I brought the leftovers home and popped them in the freezer for future use. Cutting them up into smaller pieces means I don't have to waste any. Tonight we grilled smoked pork chops with roasted asparagus and new potatoes. I thawed out the Lemon and Dill butter and it was very delicious with this meal.  Perfect for the asparagus and potatoes. My husband also ate it on a baguette.  

The three flavors are Lemon Dill, Cranberry Walnut Orange and CafĂ© de Paris.  I've linked the recipes so you can find them easily and try them out.  I think the Cranberry, Walnut, Orange would be perfect for Thanksgiving dinner.  Doesn't that sound good? There are many similar recipes on Pinterest or just a google search.  Check these out, it is an easy way to enhance your holiday meals. 

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