Sunday, January 5, 2014

Gone and Back Again

We went back to the COLD Midwest to visit our kids and parents this past week. 

We made it to the next stop with just a little snow scare. 
Nothing like a shake and Tom's during a snowstorm. 
My mission at my in-laws was to photograph my MIL's doll collection to prepare them for sale. 
My SIL brought some old Fiestaware over for me to have first dibs. My daughter bought these pieces from her. I bought some fun pieces too. 
Isn't this a sweet Efffanbee doll? 
I got to play with my nephews baby boy. What a sweetie he is. 
Now we're finally home, safe and sound. Thankfully, we missed the impact of the newest snowstorms that are moving across the country! We had such a sweet visit with our precious family. Many changes happen between our visits. Which make goodbyes even harder. Stay warm and hug a family member! 


  1. Great photos. The little guy is a cutie!

  2. What, you didn't enjoy our snow?
    You should have stayed longer to
    enjoy our balmy wind chill today!
    A whopping - 30 degrees below zero! ! !
    That gives me one more day of wintet break.

    M : )

  3. we have snow and frigid temps today that remind me of the midwest (actually, more like Minnesota!) i love fiesta ware but dolls kind of give me the creeps....always have.
    happy january to you!


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