Friday, December 20, 2013

Final Prep, 5 Days and Counting

It rained today. Which is a big deal around here. There were several major accidents to show for it. I stayed home most of the day baking and wrapping presents. I made Red Velvet Mini Bundt Cakes. The idea is to be able to put some in the freezer and thereby not inhale the entire cake in a couple of days. I found this beautiful picture which I thought was a mini, but alas, it's full sized. It's still a beautiful red velvet cake, don't you think?
Can you tell that I was a little overzealous on the first batch? I got carried away, I guess. That's what happens when you only use the pan once a year.
Look at this masterpiece of gorgeousness.  The recipes are included in the post, along with the stunning photography.

I also wrapped presents today. And yesterday. And the day before. Are you finished? Have you seen all the beautiful wrapping on Pinterest or Blogland? I have serious wrapping envy. Some of mine are cute, I have to admit. But, in the end, they just get torn up and thrown away. All that effort, poof!  Well, I don't let it all get thrown away. I'm a saver when it comes to cute tags and bows. 

If you buy gift cards for Christmas, you can still wrap them in a cute way. I've discovered this pdf from Paper Source. I couldn't find it on their website, but found it when I did a Google search. The first thing on it is a template for a pillow box. They are easy to make with your printer and cute Christmas scrapbook paper. I made the cutest ones for my Girlfriend Gifts and totally forgot to take picture of them. So sad.  If you'd like more wrapping inspiration, check out my Pinterest board.  It's fun stuff, I promise.

This is a unique idea, and so simple.
This is a tutorial to make these tiny pillow boxes (like I mentioned earlier) but out of toilet paper rolls! Now that's resourceful. Well, I hope you're enjoying the many details of Christmas and not getting too bogged down by it all. Keep in mind that we're celebrating the Greatest Gift of all, Jesus Christ. He'd want us to focus on that. If you would like a resource for Advent, Edie is doing a series over at Life in Grace. Here is another series at Good Morning Girls. I've got something fun going on in the middle of all this preparation.  I'll share it soon!


  1. Your little red cakes are so cute! Sounds like you've been having lots of fun! I love making the wrapping look great. It's so much fun! But, this year it's been more about just getting it done. Christmas is just coming so fast! No hand made gifts this year. And, no Christmas cards. But, I'm thrilled with what I've been able to accomplish. It's actually more festive around here than it's been for years. I was working on a blog post tonight. It'll be posted this weekend. :-)

  2. Such cute cakes!

    Ken and I by were just talking tonight, that
    this year the resson for the season seems to
    have gotten lost in the real world.

    M : )

  3. Sending you Festive Greetings from New Zealand dear Karen!

    Love the look of your Red Velvet cakes for Christmas - a lovely idea!
    Did you cook them in super-sized muffin trays?
    There's so much inspiration on Pinterest but I try to limit my visits as a couple of hours can fly by in a flash!!

    After days in the kitchen I've finally put my feet up and I'm relaxing in a comfy chair with a good book - it's bliss!
    I hope you're doing something similar now.



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