Sunday, November 3, 2013

Stuff and Nonsense

Things have been getting a little busier lately around here. I'm sure I'm not alone in that they are going to get downright crazy very soon. Along with the Holidays fast approaching and all that comes with them, I am going on a fun trip as well. You can be sure that I'll take my camera. Maybe I'll even be able to post "on the road". Here is a little bit from a shopping trip from this past week. 
I stumbled upon a new-to-me knitting store last week. Literally stumbled.
I was investigating a new bead store to find supplies to make some bracelets. I had some extra time on the parking meter so decided to walk around a little. One block away was a knitting store that, of course, drew me in.

It was difficult to take many pictures because of the lighting.  This particular scarf drew me in and I bought the colorway below to make it.  It is Merino Mia in Thunderclap by Prism Yarn. The yarn is dyed to change color in this beautiful way.
The store is L'Atelier in Riveria Village, Redondo Beach, CA.  The staff, particularly Robin, was very friendly and helpful. They have seating for customers to come and knit whenever they want. I like that.

On my way home I stopped by IKEA to check out their desk chairs. I'm tired of sitting on my little, hard thrift store chair in my craft room. I found a comfy, twirling, roll around chair.
They have their Christmas store open and I thought these mushrooms were adorable. 

This kitchen cart would be very handy in my craft room.  I may have to revisit that idea.
I absolutely could not resist this great thermos. I love the colors! So just from this little shopping trip I have three projects to finish! However, unbelievable as it may seem, I have already made the bracelets. I've made pretty good progress on the scarf and the last project is to decorate the desk chair. I think it needs some artistic embellishment. I'll keep you posted.  How many projects have you added to your list this week? Come on, tell the truth!! 


  1. Sounds like a fun day! That scarf is going to be gorgeous! That's awesome that it's already coming along! Double wow on the bracelet! :-) I'm excited to see your new chair and what you do with it. Don't you just love IKEA?! I do! it's so much fun! I've added a few new possibilities to my Ravelry faves this week but no official new projects. But, I have finished a few. YAY! :-D

  2. Good Morning Karen, I love it when I shop for one thing and discover a completely different shop. How fabulous to have found the knitting shop. I love the colours of the scarf which you are going to be knitting, as they are so Autumnal. I love Ikea as I find so many bits and pieces which are useful. Funnily enough, I am going to take a trip to our local Ikea this week, to see what Christmas things they have.
    Enjoy knitting your scarf.
    Best Wishes

  3. Hi Karen! I saw that same cart when I stopped by Ikea last week. I never thought of using it in the craft room. Thanks for the idea! I love to visit knitting shops as well. A great way to get inspired. Fall shopping days are the best!

  4. oh goody, you have been crafting. i can't wait to see the bracelets and scarf too. yep, it is about to get real busy here too.. lots of garden chores to do and leaf removal....i decorate a clients home for christmas this thursday and start working on the bun lady's house soon...i also opened my Etsy store, finally. we shall see how that goes...crossing my fingers on that one. o.k. can i just say that i am jealous that you have an Ikea store...we still don't have one here!

  5. Such fun and cool stuff! Looking forward to your trip and project pics.
    No fun projects right now just trying to get me to feel better.

    M :)


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