Sunday, September 22, 2013

Waffle Sandwiches and Antiques?

My friend, Kathy and I traveled in to visit Old Town Orange before heading to the Women of Faith conference in Anaheim last Friday. Well, maybe it was a week ago, Friday actually.  It was highly recommended that we eat at Bruxies for lunch which is a waffle place. We ordered a chicken and waffle sandwich and for dessert, creme brûlée with burnt brown sugar and fresh fruit. Unfortunately, we bit into the sandwich before taking pictures. Here is the dessert waffle for you to imagine. Waffles for sandwiches is surprisingly delicious. They're light and not sweet. 
They were both delicious! We took a walk by some lovely cottages on the way to Country Roads Antiques. 
The shop across the street sells vintage clothing. Isn't this dress adorable?
Country Roads is full of treasures. 

I found a globe just like one I bought at a garage sale. I bought mine for $1.50. Wait for it!
Lookie there! $48.00! Of course, it hasn't sold for that price yet. Melinda pointed out that the tag was for ice skates. Hmmm, somebody messed up. They might've made a lot of money off of that globe! 

Another antique store had this beautiful French Armoire that wanted to go home with me. It told me so, but I had to look the other way. And plug my ears. Kind of like when you plug your ears with your fingers and sing, la la la la. You understand me, right?
Next I took Kathy to Muff's. I don't think there is really any furniture for sale at Muff's. 
Just rows and rows of old hardware. 
And books. And stuff. And more stuff. 
It was a fun way to start a great weekend. Next post is the Women of Faith Conference! Have you attended WOF yet?

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  1. Did you notice on the globe tag that it says "Pair of Black Skates." Too funny.

    M :)


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