Thursday, August 8, 2013

Ambush Makeover!

On Thursday morning of our New York trip a handful of us headed over early to the TODAY show to watch the goings on outside.  That's pretty much all the general public can see. They were having a concert, which is normal. Not a big name, but plenty of screaming young female fans. As we approached, they begin to move you closer and closer through the barricade fencing. As we moved in a little closer, guess who walked out?
Jill Martin and Louis Licari in search of their Ambush Makeover recipients of the week. 
 They couldn't believe that our Stephanie was 31!  She seriously looks 18 and is a doll.
This photos are all blurry, because we were all in such a dither.
This young lady took Stephanie's information and became her "person" throughout the experience. After they took Stephanie in for the makeover, the rest of us got to watch everything from the VIP section. We were up close and personal and were able to watch the news desk through the window.

 This group, Fifth Harmony, was the concert that day. They are young ladies, between the ages of 15 and 18, I believe.  They did a nice job, but kept pulling down their short skirts as they danced around.
 Al Roker is the only one that interacted with the crowd.  He moves all around shaking people's hands.
 Here he is doing the weather in front of me. I think I was on TV while texting somebody. Oops! You can see Savannah Guthrie in the far right corner of the picture above. Double click on the picture to make it larger.
See me?
Before the makeover which takes 3 hours, there's a little interview done by Jill Martin 
(in the orange dress).  
Donna, on the left, was our trip organizer and had been Stephanie's 7th grade History teacher in Texas. 
We waited for the reveal in the "green" room.  Not sure why it's named that.
The reveal is done during Kathie Lee and Hoda's segment during the third hour. 
Here we are blindfolded.  I'm hidden, which is fine.
Can you tell we were a little excited? Shocked, even. 
Here is a still of Stephanie's before and after.  The false eyelashes were first to come off. She looked beautiful and got to keep the dress, but not the amazing shoes.
Here's the link to the video of the makeover.
 Since we missed what the rest of the group did that morning, Stephanie and I left afterwards and visited the High Line.  The High Line is a garden that has been built on an abandoned railroad line through the city.  It's beautiful!
 You can see the Statue of Liberty from the Highline.
 Chelsea Market is close by.
Whew, well, we ended up finishing the day watching Phantom of the Opera, but we couldn't take pictures and I'm too tired to load any more on this post. Are you sick of NYC pictures yet? One more day, I promise. However, I'm leaving for Idaho in the morning and will get back to posting at the end of next week. Have a great weekend everybody!

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  1. Wow, how exciting to be chosen for a makeover. Your photos are really great of the city. I used to live near NYC but stayed and played in NJ.


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