Monday, February 11, 2013

What A Sight!

I know you probably come here to see a little craftiness or maybe antiquing and decorating.  There has been some of that going on, but what has really captured my camera this week has been some beautiful and crazy weather patterns.  It is an ever changing entertainment.
 Sunrise on February 2nd.
 Sunrise on February 5th.
 Fogged in on February 7th.
Rain, sun and rainbows on February 7th. This is Rainbow #1.
Rainbow #2
 The photos above and below are from the same rainbow, #3.  
I love how you can see the colors all the way to the ground. Isn't God creative?

I apologize for having to go back to comment moderation.  The SPAM has been ridiculous. 


  1. What a wonderful sight. By the way I have the SPAM problem, too. So I really understand.

  2. karen you are so lucky to have such a gorgeous view to an ever changing landscape. gorgeous!

  3. You live in a beautiful area. And, the weather patterns have been different. I captured some Texas ones yesterday. Like your blog. so Jenny


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