Monday, February 4, 2013

Love Watching

Who doesn't love a love story?  Okay, so many boys don't, but most of us girls enjoy a good love story.  Recently, I've been re-watching Sense and Sensibility.  I have two versions, the Emma Thompson version and the BBC version.  I can't decide which is my favorite.  I sort of like the BBC one since most of the faces are not familiar. But, who doesn't like Emma Thompson, really?
I noticed that Martha has shared her list of favorite romantic movies for February.  I'm sure they're all her personal favorites.  Check out the list here. there may be many you haven't seen.  I think I've only seen four out of the 18 on the list.

*I just found another list of movies at BHG.  They have 28 recommendations.

Here are some of my favorites:

I just watched The Goodbye Girl for the first time in years and years.  It's pretty sappy, but still enjoyable.

I've always loved Sleepless in Seattle.  Good ole Meg Ryan, she always gave a cute, girl-next-door presence to her movies.

Return to Me - such a sweet story.  What are the chances that would really happen?

You've Got Mail - another Meg Ryan movie.  Listening to the old dial up internet is funny.

Pride and Prejudice - Definitely the Colin Firth BBC version!!

Okay, that's enough. This could go on and on. What love stories are your favorites? Help me add to my list!  Gotta add to my Netflix queue!


  1. You are talking my language when you start talking about Jane Austen movies. I thought the PBS version of Sense & Sensability was excellent and very similar to Emma Thompsons, but I love the original and love that Emma Thompson actually married the actor who played Willowby. There will never be a better Darcy than Colin Firth, as we all know but the Kiera Knightly version has grown on me. A movie I also love is "Enchanted April". I love your Valentines post too! -Derrith

  2. i love "the notebook". my son looks just like ryan gossling jr. in that movie. i checked out marthas list and surprisingly have only seen 2 of her choices! i also love "out of africa". robert redford at his cutest!

  3. Oh now you've got me going through movie ticket stubs, Karen. Like you, loved the last BBC Austen series beginning with "Pride and Prejudice". My favorite is the bittersweet "Persuasion" both the late version and the earlier one with Amanda Root and Cirian Hands. Other favorite love stories, "The Young Victoria" and the last "Jane Eyre". All time favorite is one I got on Netflix "Zelary". Foreign film set in Czech Republic, WW II--check it out. I'm anxiously waiting for "Amour" to open here since it's been an award getter so far.

    I checked out Martha's list and haven't seen any of the 18--only a little worse than her, probably. :-)

  4. I just finished watching the PBS series "Bleek House" (Charles Dickens) It was full of quirky characters and had a very sweet romantic ending.

  5. And how could I forget "North and South"--the BBC version, not the Civil War one. Margaret Hale and John Thornton get off to a rocky start in a northern English mill town but come to love and respect each other. And Richard Armitage is a heart stopper as John Thornton, the stern self-made mill owner. On instant play on Netflix.


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