Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Vintage Music Christmas Decor

I took so many photos of Christmas decorations that I need to split them up a little. Here's the first installment and a new project that I've really enjoyed. I hope you do too.
When you walk in the door from the garage you're greeted with a reminder.
Just in case you've been shopping all day, the powder room is the first stop.
It has a birdie theme all year long.
Since birds and music ties together, I went through my collection of vintage music and found Christmas carols. Then I used Tacky putty to carefully place them in a collage on the wall. I took out the inner pages and placed them carefully in a file folder. 
My dear friend Deloris gave me this music and I'm so grateful. Isn't it beautiful?
Check out the rest of my vintage Christmas decorating here.

Please join me at Common Ground for lots of Christmas inspiration and The Inspired Room.

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  1. oh my, i love the wreath on the vintage music sheets, very much!!! pinning it now! my daughter had her second surgury this morning for kidney stones...she has been in pain since thanksgiving....and my big computer is on the fritz.....waaaaa....


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